Every guest awaits to arrive at a clean and well-groomed residence for their stay. If you have a corporate, vacation, or short-term residence, we have the expertise to provide the cleaning your guests expect. Customers must provide parking or pay for any and all parking and laundry fees.

For liability and hazardous reasons, we DO NOT do the following:

1.) Clean anything exterior. We do not want harsh weather to result in complaints or subject the maids to these conditions.

2.) Climb on ladders. Please provide a step stool if needed.

3.) Move heavy appliances or anything over 20 LBS. You are welcome to move heavy items so the maids can get underneath or behind to clean these areas.

4.) Clean rodent/bug infested homes or animal feces.

5.) Wipe blinds/shades or walls because they can bend or break and paint can be removed. We will, however, dust them.

6.) Bring poles to clean high windows. We will, however, glady clean windows within reach.

Our corporate and vacation cleanings entail the below services:


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Clean all surface areas in bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.

Clean inside and outside of oven, microwave, and refrigerator.

Laundry service including washing and folding all linens, sheets and towels.
Blankets and duvet covers are at a per request basis.

Make all beds, straighten all chairs and tables, and prep entire residence for short-term stay.

Throw away all trash including unwanted items such as food and beverages.

Dust all baseboards

Wipe all mirrors and light fixtures

Change supplied light bulbs within reach

Vacuum/sweep/mop elevator

Empty trash

Hours of Operation M-F 8:30AM-6PM • 312.455.9947service@maidforchicago.com
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