Green clean: Please note we only use vinegar/water, baking soda, and mild dish soap, but would gladly use your products per request. All green-clean products are not as effective as standard products such as Lysol, Ajax, or degreasers, for use under heavy conditions to remove harsh mildew, water, grease, and dirt stains--this is the trade off. We use regular toilet bowl cleaner inside the toilet bowl. If you only want only green clean products used inside the toilet bowl please advise.

Deep cleaning and green cleaning are done upon your request. And best of all, there are no extra fees; you just pay for the extra cleaning time. If you don't need a deep cleaning but want more than than our standard cleaning, just tell our staff what you want done and your wishin' is our mission.

For liability and hazardous reasons, we DO NOT do the following:

1.) Clean anything exterior. We do not want harsh weather to result in complaints or subject the maids to these conditions.

2.) Climb on ladders. Please provide a step stool if needed.

3.) Move heavy appliances or anything over 20 LBS. You are welcome to move heavy items so the maids can get underneath or behind to clean these areas.

4.) Clean rodent/bug infested homes or animal feces.

5.) Wipe blinds/shades or walls because they can bend or break and paint can be removed. We will, however, dust them.

6.) Bring poles to clean high windows. We will, however, glady clean windows within reach.

7.) We do not assist in discarding any big or heavy items such as junk items and only will only discard normal trash items in standard-size garbage bags.

Our residential cleaning service include the following:

Living/Dining/Family/Bed Rooms Standard Cleaning
General dusting
Cobweb removal
Wipe wood furniture surfaces
Dust ceiling fans (within reach)
Dust light fixtures
Dust baseboards
Wipe windows sills
Wipe light switches
Wipe glass and mirrors
TVs & electronics
Vacuum sofas & chairs  
Vacuum/sweep/mop floors & stairways
Vacuum rugs
Change linens (Per Request)
Patio doors
Dust blinds and verticals
Interior windows within reach (Per Request)
Laundry service (Per Request)
Empty trash
Clean inside closets, cabinets & drawers (Move in/out only)
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Sink and countertops
Exterior of all appliances
Exterior of cabinets & drawers
Interior of all appliances (Dishwasher per request)
Interior cabinets and drawers (Move in/out only)
Top of cabinets and appliances (Within reach)
Wash dishes
Inside and outside of microwave
Wipe chairs and table
Wipe Light switches
Vacuum/sweep/mop floor
Empty trash
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Disinfect tub, tiles, shower and toilet
Countertop and sink
Exterior cabinets and drawers
Interior cabinets and drawers (Move in/out only)  
Fold and organize towels (Per Request)
Wipe windows, mirrors, glass, and faucets
Wash floor
Dust baseboards
Wipe baseboards  
Empty trash
Hours of Operation M-F 8:30AM-6PM Sat 8:30AM-5PM • 312.455.9947 service@maidforchicago.com
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